How to travel from Hanoi to Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Here is one stop shop guide how to go from Hanoi to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Stay tuned!

I'll show you how to go Pu Luong Retreat
want to see this? I'll show you how to go Pu Luong Retreat

From Ha Noi to Pu Luong Nature Reserve by BUS 

Transport from Hanoi to Mai Chau

It is certain that it is not difficult to find a travel agent in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, which can help you arrange a tour package to Mai Chau, but as always, doing it independently is much more rewarding.

Detail Guide to Pu Luong

There are no direct bus services to Pu Luong, so if you want to use public transport to get there, it is very difficult to get there. . The most convenient way you can use personal vehicles (motorbikes, cars) comes from Hanoi. Another option for motorists who love to bike is from Mai Chau (can rent bicycles in Mai Chau) explore Pu Luong and stay here for one night.From Hanoi, you can take the car to Ba Thuoc (Canh Nang Township), usually the car only to the district center, from here about 20km to Pu Luong, you can rent motorbike to enter. here. From Giap Bat and My Dinh bus stations, there is a car of Hoang Phuong car 0973737778 to Ba Thuoc everyday. Utilizing personal vehicles From Ha Noi.

You can go Pu Luong into a circular arc to avoid going back and forth on the same road. From Hanoi follow Highway No. 6 to Hoa Binh, choose one of the two roads through Lung Van rattan valley or through La Luc Mai Chau to Pu Luong.

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When coming back from Pu Luong, follow NHL15C and NHL17 to Cam Luong river. From there, go along Ho Chi Minh road to Xuan Mai crossroads (NH6) back to Ha Noi. Come back if you have time or you can combine a day to explore Cuc Phuong.From Saigon

How about if you go from Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon)?

From Saigon (a.k.a Sài Gòn), if you want to go to Pu Luong you can choose to fly to Hanoi then follow the directions above or fly to Thanh Hoa and rent a motorbike at Tho Xuan Airport, transfer from here to Pu Luong. From the airport to QL15 you will reach Pu Luong, about 100km distance and depending on weather conditions and your ability to ride that can take about 4-5 hours.

If you want to combine more tourist sites in Thanh Hoa, you can visit Lam Kinh and Cam Luong. These two locations are on the journey to Pu Luong, but if you follow this route, you need to adjust the route a little, go to QL15 and QL177, the actual distance is almost unchanged.

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