Ha Giang introduced three new destinations to attract visitors

Bac Me is trying to become an attractive destination in Ha Giang, next to the familiar names such as stone plateau, King Meo palace, Lung Cu flag pole ...

Ha Giang trekking in Vietnam tour
New attractions in Ha Giang for trekking 2019

Bac Me district is located in the east of Ha Giang, with historical relics of the ancient Cang Bac Me, the Gam river between majestic mountains and villages cultural tourism community. Recently, the People's Committee of Bac Me district held a presentation to travel companies and tourists on the strength of tourism here.

Historical relics of North Vietnam

ha giang new trekking route
In 1992, Cang Bac Me was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National Cultural and Historical Monument.

"String" in the French sense means the garrison, the barracks. Built in the early 20th century, Cep Bac Me is a place to detain many revolutionary officers during the resistance war against France. The building is no longer intact but still retain historical significance and become a tourist attraction, when the scene is calm, mossy style, time stamp. Visitors can visit the big space, information house, warehouse, prison ...

Situated on Dragon Hill, in the village of Don Dien, Yen Cuong commune, Bac Me district, the name of Cang Bac Me is the end of the journey to explore the Ha Giang rocky plateau of tourists. If you go from Ha Giang City to the rocky plateau, Lung Cu flag pole, you should follow the road from Meo Vac to Bac Me, then boat ride on the Gam River, then back to Ha Giang city without turning back. about the old road.

This journey is suitable for young people or groups to explore, experience something new.

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Gam river - the green bow of the forest

Song Gam river new trekking place in Ha Giang province
Boat racing festival on the Gam River.

Originated from the 2,000 m high mountains of Yunnan, China, into Vietnam from Cao Bang, Gam River flows through Bac Me create many scenic waterways, mountains and poetic forests. Between the two sides of the hills, Gam river as a bow over 200 km long flowing through Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, then enter the river with Ca to the majestic Lo River.

The blue color is typical of the mountainous Ha Giang River, but the Gam River is not as dangerous as the Nho Que River. Therefore, the flow through Bac Me district has become a space for cultural festival - sports, tourism experience of this place.

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Every year, in the watery and quiet season (usually from September to April of the following year), the authorities and people of Bac Me district organize raft races, rain races, river offerings ... the cultural characteristics, attract tourists.

According to the travel companies, Gam River is very suitable for the team tour, teambuilding activities on the water, organizing the game experience, adventure like zipline, kayaking, rafting. Create new discoveries besides watching the natural landscape.

Village cultural tourism community and traditional village

the Dao ethnic minority girls in Bac Me - Ha Giang province Vietnam
The Dao ethnic minority girls in Bac Me.

Visitors to Bac Me can visit traditional handicraft villages, such as Yen Cuong brocade village, Giap Trung handicraft village, Lan village homestay village, Khong village, Noong village. Not only visit the scenic spots, historical relics, visitors experience the culture of ethnic groups here with many activities are preserved as the Red Dao wedding ceremony, high-level ceremony, rain prayers ... It is also a place where you can live with the homestay people in the middle of the village but still qualified to serve tourists.

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