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If you want to go to Pu Luong National Park in Thanh Hoa your should rent a good motorbike for your trip. Here is my guide how to rent good motorbike in Hanoi for you.

Rent good Motorbike to go Puluong National Park safety
Rent good Motorbike to go Puluong National Park safety

If you come from the south can fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Tho Xuan Airport (Thanh Hoa Province), then rent motorcycles to Pu Luong about 80 km. By motorbike, you can comfortably stop on the road, or to some attractions not on the road.

You should rent motorbike and make sure your motorbikes are good because the road to Pu Luong has a lot of difficult passage, and quite far.

If you want to hire cheap car in Thanh Hoa province I strongly recommend you should choose motorbike for its flexibility on the road to Puluong Nature Reserve.

You should depart early and watch the time to arrive before dark. In the mountains, so it is quite early evening, about 17h it was like 19h under the swell.

Fill the gasoline before departure.

Bring the drink and food to eat along the road, because there are many places of people life is simple, there is no restaurant for you to choose.

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On the way, many phone networks and 3G are out of coverage, may also have a Viettel sim so we can also detect Google Maps. You should keep the map, because the road is quite deserted, rarely meet people to ask the road.

I always expect people to travel to leave nothing but footprints. Please do not litter!

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