Trekking Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai North Vietnam Experience!

Minh Nguyen readers and friends have a 2,997 m Ta Bu Nhuy climbing trip in Yen Bai at the end of October. Here is your share of this exciting trekking trek.
puluong nature reserve trekking tour
The reward at the end.
Previously, I only knew there was a mountain named Ta Chi Nhu located in Yen Bai province. One day, I heard there was a purple flower in the cloud called the spider. The mysterious purple flowers have attracted me to learn more about that jungle. So Ta Chiu was in my exploration plan and four friends.

Section 1: Nghĩa Lộ - Lead Mine
vietnam trekking tour mu cang chai yen bai
The road to the Lead Mine has many difficult road. Photo: @Minh Nguyễn
Our motorbike travels 30 km from Nghi Lo to Tram Tau. Next is 10 km from Tram Tau to Lead Mine - the starting point for trekking. In the last 3-4 km, the cobblestone road jutting, one side is the whole rocky stream, the other side is the cliff. We had to wade through 2-3 streams crossing the road, the water only about 20 cm but slippery.
Section 2: 7 hours challenge the climber
In the team there is no one to trekking Ta Bui Nhu. To make sure of the safety of the team, we hire porter Thanh - a young indigenous young people but very fast and enthusiastic. In addition to the guide, Thanh also helped us cook as well as support a part of the tent. In addition to fast food such as bread, canned meat, sausages, dry wafers, noodles, we asked Thanh to prepare two more chicken and one kilo of meat for dinner.

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Fair play to the will and strength of the climber. Over the first 3 hours, we climbed in steep and slippery conditions due to the thick clouds, the humidity is so high that it is always raining.
trekking mu cang chai yen bai vietnam tour
Twilight view of the foot of the traveler. Photo: @Minh Nguyễn

Under such conditions, if you do not have a good pair of trekking shoes, enough friction, thick socks that reduce the friction between your feet and shoes as well as a suit that is water resistant, you will indeed meet. difficult with this leg. Maybe you will give up because the next step is not simple.
At noon, we were halfway to the campsite. Only 3 hours before dark, the group had to move faster. Meanwhile, legs are tired and the scene is so beautiful, everyone just want to stop watching and take pictures.
Section 3: Ta Pu Nhu
As planned by Porter Thanh, we will have to get up at 4am, personal hygiene, breakfast and trekking to Ta Chiu Nhu with 2 hours of climb and one hour down. And the theory is that.
At 4 o'clock, we woke up, under the moonlight of the month, we knew we were lucky because in front of 5 children were beautiful scenery: sea clouds floating in the moonlight bright moonlight. Perfect condition for us to have a sunrise scene on the sea of ​​clouds.
trekking mu cang chai vietnam tour in yen bai
The field of purple flowers has died down but still very beautiful. Photo: @Minh Nguyễn
Shrunk noodles dried shrimp hot spicy noodles, grouping up the road from 5h. We do not need a flashlight because the moon is too bright. The group went for an hour, the sun began to dawn when it was not up to the top, we decided to stop at a log halfway up the mountain to watch the sun rise.
Continue for another 1.5 hours, at 7.30, we touched the tip of stainless steel Ta Cu Nhu 2.979 m. Feeling really great seeing the sea of ​​clouds floating in the sun. We are the lucky ones after a long journey.
Trekking trekking trekking 2.979 m (Tram Tau, Yen Bai). Total trekking time: 17 hours (excluding the time spent at the camp). Trekking distance: 45 km. The total cost is 1.7 million VND (~ $75 in total).

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