Pu Luong Retreat - the cloudy house in the heart of Thanh Hoa province

The weekend is tired, you want to leave the hot sun and the hotness of the town noisily why not try once to Puluong Retreat- the house in the cloud. The air is cool, soothing and seemingly typical of the Northwestern mountains and forests, with a little hand, it is thought to touch the clouds, a difficult and indescribable feeling that you cannot forget. With the Pu Luong travel guide below, surely you will not have to be surprised about this anymore.
Travel guide Pu Luong
Travel guide Pu Luong – Sapa in the heart of Thanh

1. Handbook of Pu Luong tourism

Pu Luong National Park is a nature reserve located in the northwest of Thanh Hoa province. This area is located in the districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc.
Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located approximately 170km from Hanoi with an area of ​​17.662ha and a quarter of the area is primitive forest. This is the living place of Muong and Thai ethnic people. Pu Luong in Thai means the highest peak of the village.

Pu Luong travel guide
Travel guide Pu Luong

With an area of ​​up to 17,662 ha, this is the largest area of ​​lowland limestone forest remaining in Northern Vietnam with 3 main types: dense forest on low land and low mountain; forest on limestone mountains; vegetation of bamboo shoots and shrubs. Not only that, the park also owns Pu Luong peak, 1,700 m high and is a favorite trekking point for people looking for in the Pu Luong tourist handbook.

Pu Luong travel guide
Quynh Chi Editorial Board – Pu Luong travel guide

However, this time I want to review about Puluong Retreat – the cloud resort of Ban Don, Thanh Lam commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province. This is a small-scale ecological model resort. It felt like it was separate from the noise and dust of the city.

Pu Luong travel guide
Travel guide Pu Luong

2. How to move

Pu Luong travel guide
Go far away to shake away – Go to a dumb place to not return

Go by private car:
Method 1: The first road is from Hanoi to follow Ho Chi Minh Road, passing Cuc Phuong National Forest to Cam Thuy, Canh Nang Town, 15C Street, straight to Puluong Retreat, about 200km. This is the most straight-forward road, with little to go through mountain roads and the easiest to go – 4.5 hours to drive a car
Method 2: The second road is from Hanoi to highway 6, passing Hoa Binh, Co Luong junction to turn left to Road 15C, Puluong Retreat: 180km – 4.5 hours to drive a car
Bus ride:
From Hanoi, it is possible to ride Hoang Phuong bus, stop at Canh Nang town, then take a car to Puluong Retreat.
From Thanh Hoa city to Manh Tan passenger car 0967158136 or 0915946136 (70k), you can then ask the car how to move to Pulong Retreat: 160km.
NOTE: It is very easy to go from Puluong town to Puluong, but when it comes to puluong returning to the city, it is quite difficult because there is no means and especially there is NO TAXI. Besides puluong retreat, there is 1 garage cum house on the floor (the house price is about 100k / ng / night) the landlord can take you to the bus station Canh Nang but the cost is quite expensive.
3. PuLuong Retreat

Pu Luong Retreat – the Pu Luong tourist guide

It is hard to go away, but going to Pu Luong certainly does not disappoint you. The beautiful houses are like the clouds, the airy space. Stretch your shoulders, take a deep breath – welcome to Pu Luong

Pu Luong travel guide
Water pool overflows super “hot” in the Pu Luong travel guide

Because it is a resort, there are quite a few sports games or places to explore, so don’t go if you like the bustle and play. But if you want to find a quiet place to breathe and relax after tired days, this is a very desirable place to come. A great experience for myself.

Pu Luong travel guide
Water pool overflows super “hot” in the Pu Luong travel guide
Travel guide Pu Luong
Quietly relaxed peacefully
Travel guide Pu Luong
I will take you to a safe place

One of the sure experiences you have to try when you arrive at Pu Luong Retreat is to have a nice snorkel in the infinity pool. Water in the lake is a natural source of water pumped continuously, so it is quite clean. Note that those with sensitive skin should not bathe much, itchy easily.

The room here is quite beautiful, fragrant, creating a pleasant feeling for guests to rest here. Note: Remember to close windows before going out to avoid mosquitoes entering the room.

You should book from 102 to 105 to have a nice view from the room.

Here, you can travel around Pu Luong. Getting rid of the dusty atmosphere of the noisy city, coming to Pu Luong will see a green, leafy tree, a fresh atmosphere, terraced fields stretching from soaring, friendly people and very honest.
Located in the core zone of Pu Luong, Ban Hieu (Co Lung commune, Ba Thuoc district) famous for the Hieu stream can turn trees into stone. Due to the large amount of limestone, spring water of Hieu makes calcified roots in the stream. Spring water is cool, cool in summer and warm in winter. At the foot of Hieu waterfall are completely natural swimming pools, will certainly be an unforgettable experience in the life of the love of discovery.

Arriving in Pu Luong in the ripe rice season, the road is 25 km long from Canh Nang town to Hieu village is very beautiful because the two sides are terraced fields, the streams bend themselves through every corner and ring constantly. Just arrived at the top of the village was heard the welcome stream.
Attractive experiences in Hiêu Hoài:
• Visit terraced fields
• Visit the palm hill
• Waterfall Hiêu
• Journey Son – Ba – Ten is as beautiful as a painting

On the way back from Hiêu village, Cành Nang town, Đòn street market – a special highland market of Bá Thước people is an interesting stop. The market only meets on Thursday mornings and Sunday mornings. Guests can eat a bowl of bitter soup, then go to the market, buy products that people can grow by themselves or collect the mountains and forests to sell, such as: honey, bamboo shoots, crabs and stone snails.

4. What to eat at PuLuong?

Food at Puluong Retreat is quite delicious and plentiful. However, you must book 1 day in advance. Especially the Ancient Duck specialties here. Price 120k / kg. 1 child about 2kg. I bought 2 children to try and find it delicious. Moderate soft, sweet meat. If you haven’t come to Pu Luong to eat the Ancient Lung duck, don’t think you’re here yet.

When finished eating, go to the swing at the bottom of the floor to sit and talk about the old days when you were in love. There is a moon, okay, there are frogs who call for you and you are romantic.

5. Costs

Room rate: House floor: 320k / ng / night, Suite Bungalow (only 1 room): range 2t2 to 2tr5 / night, the cheapest is Deluxe Bungalow: CN to t5: 1tr4 / night. T6, T7: 1tr7 / night. The room rate includes buffet breakfast.
Eating: 250k / person / meal. There is a menu here depending on the day you arrive. It fixed the menu because it was difficult to transport food, so you had to book it as soon as 1 day. Usually, I will put it when bock room.

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