Hidden Corners

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The most beautiful pù is on the rice ripening, 6 months and 10 months every year. But not only when the ripe rice places this beautiful new. Let’s go and feel, there’s a hiding corner like that in Pu Luong.

Hidden Corners

Angle-of-the-picture: Duc Hung

Pu Luong Corner – Photo: DUC HUNG

2016 summer, the population traveled in Hanoi in the area of a “retreat” (hidden corner) between Pu Luong Nature Reserve (Thanh in). Initially only a few shots of an infinity pool between smog, the thousand clouds, far away from the valley, is the spy mountain range… Then the straw-roof houses, wooden corner with table water relax by the veranda…

You’re not unfamiliar with us, but that’s why everyone wants to plan on the road.

To get to Pù Luong has 3 approaches. The road is easy to go but as far as going the Ho Chi Minh way through Cam Thuy, the branch of BA (Dinh Dinh), turn right through the Han Bridge by Highway 15C to fall 3 Shrimp village and then continue to turn to 7km left.

If you travel to Hoa Binh, then through Mai Chau Road 15C to the south is closer to several dozen trees.

The nearest road and the most pristine road, the hardest by the deep-field pass and the risk of landslides is the crossing of Hoa Binh to fork the giant market into the valley of van via the Son Bá Ten, then to village Don , Thanh Lam Commune, Ba do district.

The road through the valley of van is practically expanded and spread the concrete, in the case of no rain and hard drive, the drivers can completely conquer this bow to come to the “corner of the Pù Luong”.

Located quite “shy” on the slopes of the valley along the 15C Highway, the Pù luong Retreat pick you up with a watertight set on the walk-down trail, a typical image that is attached to the life of fellow peoples along the banks of the Code River.

A corner of Peace house-Photo: BLACK

A corner of Peace House – Photo: BLACK

Separate small houses nestled on the hillside-Photo: BLACK

Small, private cottages nestled on the hillside – Photo: BLACK

A relaxing corner by the porch-Photo: DUC HUNG

A relaxing corner by the porch – Photo: DUC HUNG

With the motto to create a close destination with nature and meet the basic needs of the people, the property consists of 1 community floor area and 9 separate bungalows are located adjacent to each other with the mountain , in front of the abundant fields at the foot of the Pu Luong Mountains pride.

No air conditioner, no refrigerator, no internet and isolated with residential area. The furniture and decoration are simple, rustic style, natural, creating the intimacy and friendliness.

A water-clear mineral pool is located beneath the Community floor area which we still call the “infinity pool” between the thousands.

Hot summer days, soak in the cool water tank, drink a chilled beer right in the lake, drop the eye range on the high peaks, the white clouds of bay, the playful winds on the plants , fields. Would you expect a more poetic and sweeter moment?

In addition to the quiet and well-explored corners, the property also has other products to meet the needs of visitors with the activities to explore the Muong ethnic community, Thai in the area such as trekking (trail walking) , hiking, water rafting, kayaking, biking and cycling.

With my own personal, perhaps a book and a pen, was more than enough for a weekend away from the street and relax.

 The rustic decorative details that exquisite in the house-Photo: DUC HUNG

The rustic decorative details that exquisite in the house – Photo: DUC HUNG

Valley-View Courtyard-Photo: BLACK

Courtyard down the Valley – photos: BLACK

The great place to relax among thousands-photos: Duc Hung

A great place to relax among thousands – Photo: DUC HUNG

Talking about the dish, perhaps unable not to mention the specialties of the ancient Valley Duck, a location located not far from the Pù Luong Retreat is covered.

This is a precious duck with a small bone characteristic, lean meat is delicious and not as foul as duck under the swept, probably because they are born in the power streams in the clear source stream, where many snails and species of microorganisms which are natural food sources Anywhere by.

Steamed Duck is a simple dish, but also the most intact flavor of the famous poultry varieties of Thanh.

The exception of Pu Luong is the heat of Laos wind on the western border in the summer, occasionally meeting mosquitoes and rainforest. Compensate for the clear air and breath of thousands, as well as deep experience will help people have memorable moments.

The most beautiful pù is on the rice ripening, 6 months and 10 months every year. But not only when the ripe rice places this beautiful new.

The area of the paint, which is all about the typical beauty of the northern mountainous region, with a hint of Mai Chau village, a little bit of bronze cat style, a little mountain Cao by, a little rice terraces…

Let’s go and feel, there’s a hiding corner like that in Pu Luong.

Swing-type hoist-Photo: BLACK

Swing-Type hoist – Photo: BLACK

Longneck Duck Specialties-Photo: BLACK

The ancient steamed duck – Photo: BLACK

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