Luong Road – The most memorable and reckless trip

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It took three hours to get 11 kilometers to pass the Muong Thanh Hoa District in the valley, but we were eating delicious meals and listening to unforgettable stories.

Thanh Du Tours – the most memorable and desperate trip to life

Leaving Hanoi from 5h30, we are on the direct direction of Thang Long Avenue, looking for the way to the village of Lung van, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh. The road to the valley of van is steadily growing with the namespaces, the sun is beautiful, so we are to stop by the streams and take pictures.

The street scene has no mountain or cat ears that are erect as in Ha Giang, not many terraces like that in blind Cang Chai which is a widely spread corn field. Maize is here on the hillside, with mountains spread across valleys such as a giant tapestry.

Unlike many people who go before, often through Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, we turn on a road that is not yet on the map to the nature reserve Pu Luong, in Ba do, Thanh HOA. Concrete paths are sufficient for cars to pass by, but are sloped down in each hand as the driver feels like the car and the people are taking down the area.

This is a ramp from the unfinished cliffs, the mountain without a embankment, and the deep side of the attraction. Going to the sun is okay but the rainy season rocks can fall from the mountain down very dangerous road.

 Terraced rice terraces are in the pouring season to prepare the new crop.

Terraced rice terraces are in the pouring season to prepare the new crop.

It was not until noon that the district of Ba da We found a home that sold odd sales to the foot, and asked the road to the Hieu to stay that night. The road to the site is a soft land crossing many streams, and the wicked see the reels are slowly spinning. We arrived at the Hieu in the middle of the afternoon, and had a small rain.

Near our floor house is a waterfall. The falls are not as high as the water. The healthy person can turn to upstream, if you want to take a walk along the water trail. The lower down, the more waterfalls, in green and more spacious.

The last rain to cool the air, our floor was based back in a mountain range, looking straight down to the field and the village below. The sunset is only up and down, but the space is quiet and peaceful so everyone just wants to sit in the porch.

The watermark is the next morning we wake up to the street market. The market will only be at the 5th and Sunday every week so the people of all paths are here to eat, trade and exciting exchanges. After a morning play, buy any banana, melon, boiled egg, brocade, fresh shoots, breakfast with rice cakes, rolls, sticky donuts and meet the cute and the seller, we continue to the warehouse Muong.

The market is about 11 km but the path is not easy so it takes us 3 minutes to find out where. Turn to a suction pig, run through the unknown, how many slopes, the rubble path stretches in front. We rest at the back of the mountain, facing the deep area of the 15C National Highway. The undulating rooftops and the thousands of terraced rice terraces, the sight that surprised us and the queer gaze to forget the weary.

The last section in the Muong warehouse makes everyone a must. The road is 70cm wide, though it is thin, but steep to the top of the car, just a little off the wheel and the car can fall down the area. After the minutes of driving like a rope, we arrived where there was a shortness of breath, the scene is not Overmade, the Muong Kho is located amidst a deep valley, surrounded by a concealed hill

Where we holiday lunch was the old chief, who made the homestay model for her children in the study. Before eating people to pull together, Kho Muong Cave is about a km away, the cave has high ceilings, very wide and deep heart. Only standing at the entrance of the cave can see large stalactites from the ceiling to huge limestone blocks inside.

Back at home for lunch, but happy to all, our team is lined with a tray sitting next to the window, cool breeze. Outside there hanging the cage of a bird mynas know the people. Every time he’s teasing, he’s finished laughing.

The splatter is moved out with roasted chicken, marinated pork and honey removed from the grill, sautéed with perilla, sweet fresh boiled sautplate, soup bowl and delicious salt cake The wind is blowing into the cool, eating out who’s rolling to sleep forget the way back.

Lunch is not enough in the Muong Kho of our four people.

Lunch is not enough in the Muong Kho of our four people.

In the afternoon, chatting with the host under the veranda, we heard about the land of Pu Luong, about the summit of higher than 1,700 m, where the French real people built their flight routes to flee, about the rare historical stories who knew , and about the harsh weather conditions here.

The return journey is somewhat more compassionate. After the lunch break, our car is tattooed and must find the only worker in the edition, wait for repairs to take the extra clock. Kho Muong has 3 exits but only one road can ride the motorbike, so we have to go back to the very golden slope that went into the morning.

Just out of the way, heavy rain spilled the grain as everyone had to stop the road to stay and wear the raincoat for the next time it was late than planned. Running under the face of the rain, lightning burst to the ears, the feeling of being crazy, just afraid of fun.

When the rain stops, the sunset also shuts off. We ran the car in the dark night, crossed in front of the car to be the light of the trucks, the car running the brawl. There were tens of dozens of trees not a road light bulb, I drove by emotion, eyes looked ahead, counting each milestone km returned to Hanoi… That was the most reckless ramp I’ve ever been to now.

The trip is only two days but leave a lot of unforgettable memories. It is an undescribed emotion in the nature and the people of Pu Luong, enjoy the delicious specialties, listen to the stories but only when the new place is felt.

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Reference: Travel guide July 15, 2016

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