Pu luong – Cheap travel, multiple challenges

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The gold season is not only in blind Cang Chai, Sapa or Hoang Su Phi, but also a place which is equally brilliant but less known. It’s Pu Luong.

Pu luong – Cheap travel, multiple challenges

5 – 6 and Sep – 10: The most beautiful time to get to PU Luong

Pu Luong – The name of a national sanctuary in the two districts of Quan Thanh and Ba do, Thanh Chemistry province. People who like to “roam” or visit the Pù Luong to enjoy the wild mountain flavor, untapped for tourism, to enjoy the alternating terraced fields in the original forest area.

 Ripe rice at PU Luong.

Ripe rice at PU Luong.

Here, you should choose the two most beautiful times of the Year: May 5 – 6 or 9 – 10 months. Month 5 – 6 is the start time of the new rice crop, the green rice field interwoven with the Golden rice fields, enjoy the cool air in the summer or the fog of light in the early morning. Sep to 10 is the most ripe rice time, the peaceful mountain suddenly becomes brilliant, rich, seems to be covered by nature on an attractive yellow color.

To go to Pu Luong you should travel by motorbike, because the roads into the narrow and very spread, just enough to avoid two motorcycles, cars can not go. Therefore, he is referred to as a cheap and more challenging dusty tourist destination.

There are two paths to the Pù Luong. The first way is to pass through Mai Chau, the map, to QL15C and ask for a road to Luang Prabang. The second way is from Thanh Thuy, via cam Shui and then turn to QL15C to Pu Luong. Since there are two approaches from the same side, so when going to Luang Prabang, young men often go a line and about a road, as on the way there are many sights to drop by. If you have time, drop by the cam Thuy fish stream; Or when you arrive in Van Dinh, visit Quan son if you’re in the Lotus season because that’s a very beautiful Lotus Lake.

Road trials

The estimated time for a “bushwalk” is quite short, normally only takes 2 – 3 days. We come from Hanoi on 18h30 6th evening, go to Mai Chau, have dinner in Luong son and stay at home in Ban Lai – a popular tourist address, located in Mai Chau Valley, about 140 km from Hanoi. Our Corps connects , the snake Dragon bends along the streets at the slope of Cun, pass Thung Khe. If you look from behind, the crew looks like a red-spotted snake.

Valley of Kho Muong.

Valley of Kho Muong.

We’re in the wrong half-night. If you join the group and go to the evening, you need to strictly observe some regulations when passing the road such as delegating the lead, responsible for guiding and maintaining the steady velocity of the convoy and the crew to ensure that nobody is lagged again. In the same way, you must wear a reflector, stick a reflective tape into a backpack, hat or car, be equipped with protection, and go separated by a safe distance to handle it promptly when there are dangerous cases.

On the second day of the journey, you’ll get a chance to pick up the dawn in the map, eat chicken porridge, wander around the village and hunt for photos. Then, don’t forget to fill up your gas tank before you get off to Pù Luong.

The road for the second day will be: QL15C – Poong – Kho Muong – Union – Town of the city – Cao Hong – The first edition of the island. After crossing the rugged road and rock streams, the noon stop will be Kho Muong , at the Uncle Ha Dinh Nfrog, surrounded by the golden rice field.

On the road to Doan Street, do not forget to turn to the waterfall. You will meet the suspension bridge along with the characteristic water reels of the Thai people. The path to the Kat is really challenging for silk drivers, with narrow, steep paths; Sometimes erect, steep down the ramp, the bridge is when a trunk is leaning out. It is a deep, remote region in the area of Pu Luong conservation. The rice is in the mountains that are mixed in the mountain, when the sun is oblique, forming light rays, giving people a sense of sight and dream.

A note when coming to the edition, after nearly two days of the horse on the “Iron Horses”, you remember to prepare enough food for the whole group by the evening at the edition is difficult to buy food as well as foods.

On the third day, you should return to the street Palace – Cam Thuy – HCMC – Van Dinh – Ha Noi. From the Union to Hanoi, the road provides easy access, low traffic. The road is wide, absent, Rocky Mountain through jagged with many interesting shapes. This can be considered as the most relaxing time throughout the journey…

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Reference: Travel guide iVIVU.com

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