The beautiful scenery of Pu Luong – "Sa Pa of Thanh"

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Made with beautiful wallets such as Sapa of the northwest or the dream land of Dalat of the mountains of the Highlands, Pu Luong is gradually becoming a tourist attraction in the land of Thanh with the pristine scenery of the mountains, simple floor folds or rice terraces Picturesque stairs.

Beautiful view of the heart of Thanh Luong – ‘ Sapa of Qing ‘

Nature Reserve (KBTTN) Pù was established in 1999, with a total area of 17,000 hectares. Being in favor of nature, Pu Luong is rated by scientists as one of KBTTN’s great value in science, socio-economic and eco-tourism – where the only low-limestone mountain ecosystem in the north of Vietnam with forests Thousands of years old. Besides, Pù Luong is still storing many rare flora and fauna in the red book such as pine, cognate, spread, langur, newspaper, Black Bear…

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Experience the rustic, unspoiled life

Pu Luong is located in the northwest and is about 130 km from Thanh Trung CITY, which belongs to the district of Ba Da and culture. The call of Thai Dong Luong means the highest mountain in the region. With the unspoiled beauty, the heart of Pu Luong is becoming a unique tourist attraction “Road” attracts a lot of young people and visitors to the country.

Explore Pu Luong, you’ll have to cross the mysterious, mystical forests and overcome the dangerous, winding streets. From these streets, you can gaze at the high mountains of the spies, drop the eyes of the villages, unique floor folds hidden in the green forest, floating in the mist, clouds of sky. If you go to the 6th or 10th of the month you can also enjoy the green rice terraces, nine gold make up the 1 beautiful painting, calm.

Coming to Pu Luong, you can explore the tourist, unspoiled paradise between thousands who come once remembered as the Don (Thanh Lam Commune), the Hieu (Old Valley commune), Cao son (Cao dai commune) and eastern , Kho Muong (Thanh son commune), Ba do District… Here you can stay on top of the stilters and blend into the rustic Thai life, the compound with overnight sleeping prices no more than 100,000 dong. If you want a tranquil and dreamy space, you can sleep at the ecological resort of London with modern services of 3 – 4 stars with a gentle, stylish design space. Or otherwise you can camp in the woods to blend with nature.

In particular, come here you will be painted up with the village who is still “intoxicated” Cao son (the generic name of 3 copies of Son, Bá, Ten, the commune of Cao Ba) – is the place of the high-rise paint and cup of the mighty Pù series almost 2,000 m. Here blind Clouds All year round, the temperature is usually at 18 – 22 degrees Celsius. This is the land that many children and the elderly only know them as living in another world, the land which many tourists come to have for such a “Sapa in the heart of Thanh”.

The beautiful scenery in Pu Luong is passionate about

The beautiful scenery in Pu Luong is passionate about

Cho Lach commune (Ba do district) is a market from France which is also an attractive destination. The pristine countryside market in the west of the Thanh Hoa region is the place to trade goods and to meet the ethnic groups of Kinh, Muong, Thai in communes around the region and the people of Tan Lac District, Lac son (Hoa Binh). The market only has 5th and Sunday meeting. People come to the market not only for trading, exchanging goods but also the occasion for them to exchange, visit and meet. They came to the market with enough goods, from porcupines, new squirrel traps in the forest, or chickens, bunch of veggies, fish… All sellers and buyers who are swimming, comfortable at every market.

A point of view to the curious, intriguing, tourists are the delicacies of the indigenous people such as specialties of ancient duck, Chicken hill, grilled pig, bitter bamboo, mountain snail, steamed rice, forest banana flowers… Come here you will enjoy the bitter soup, cooked with chicken, pig… The soup is very bitter to cook from a forest leaf, who has never eaten will feel creepy, but when it’s enjoyed, the bitter taste makes you remember forever.

The land is still “asleep”

Although the potential and strengths of Pu Luong are not disputed, it was not before that when the French moved to Thanh Luan, they had intended to turn into the ideal resort. But with what is available, Pu Luong has not yet promoted its strengths, yet worthy of other tourist heaven, though potentially redundant.

According to the report of the Management Board KBTTN, annual, there are thousands of domestic and foreign visitors to explore the Pù. Visitors to the east usually at 2 times, at the end of the first month of 6 months this is the time of Pù Luong to start the new rice, fields and terraced fields will coat a layer of blue shirt. This season despite the sunswept domain as the fire but the climate on this is pretty cool, pleasant. February 9 and 10 are the time that he enters the ripe rice season, all of the hillside terraces will turn yellow to brilliant. This is when Pu luong sucks visitors, especially those who travel around.

The unspoiled, rustic beauty of Pu Luong made visitors come here

The unspoiled, rustic beauty of Pu Luong made visitors come here

In order to wake up the Luong, the year 2008 International Plant organisation FFI collaborated with the management Board of KBTTN Pù to implement the promotion of ecological tourism, community tourism development, including the selection of a typical family With homestay standards (green travel) to be able to pick up domestic and foreign tourists, to develop community tourism here.

This program FFI will support the training of residents in the community to know how to prepare and cook standards to serve visitors and to teach English to some people to be able to do the guide to serve visitors… Up to now, 20 households have been supporting the construction of infrastructure upgrades and equipment for tourism households in 5 communes of Quan do and BA in District.

Mr. Le the world, director of KBTTN Pù, said whether he had moved his step, but it was too small compared to the potential and strengths of the Pù. “Potential for development of eco-tourism, resorts in Pu Luong is still open, there are no developed investment policies that are worthy of self-being, character” – he said.

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Reference: Travel guide January 26, 2017

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